The rate at which digital marketing is changing is astronomical, and that has made it difficult for companies to remain abreast of the industry standards. The change is so swift that about 70% of individuals polled believe that marketing has transformed more in the previous 2 years than it did over the last 50 years. To help put things into perspective, below are 25 marketing stats that show the current state of the industry.

  1. Mobile loading times fall short of the 2-second target.
  2. While 85% of mobile advertisers believe that they are offering a positive experience, under 50% of the users believe so.
  3. Mobile accounted for a bit over 70% of digital ad spend in 2019
  4. Voice search users have increased over the past year with about 60% of people utilizing the service
  5. The amount of organic results discovered on Google searches has dropped to 8.5% from 10%
  6. The average world length of Google’s SERP first page content is 1,800 words.
  7. 92% of B2B marketers leverage Linkedin as a primary content distribution channel.
  8. Segmented email campaigns have an increased open rate of about 14% more than non-segmented ones.
  9. E-commerce customers are almost 3 times more likely to finish their purchases if they  receive numerous abandoned shopping cart emails over those that just get a single email
  10. Mobile conversion rates have been rising over the years, however, Desktop is still king
  11. The average conversion rate for websites that utilize videos is 4.7%, compared to 2.9% of those that do not utilize videos.
  12. The average return on investment for CRO tools is 223%
  13. According to a CITO Research report, 53% of respondents stated mobile apps improve business processes and productivity
  14. Over 70% of marketers state that the creation of relevant content is the most effective tactic for SEO.
  15. Only 44 percent of companies concentrate marketing efforts on customer acquisition
  16. Content marketing costs about 60% less than typical marketing and that helps to generate leads, up to 3 times more leads
  17. 90% of B2B marketers measure content success by email engagement.
  18. Over 35% of marketers use keyword analysis as their main source of content ideas.
  19. Over 90% of marketers utilize LinkedIn as an integral part of their content strategy. The other platforms that are utilized are Twitter at 86%, Facebook at 83%, and YouTube at 74%.
  20. By 2025, approximately 72% of people will use only mobile devices to consume content.
  21. The most popular content marketing tactic used by 90% of businesses is social media. About 87% of businesses utilize photos and illustrations.
  22. Marketers that utilize automation tools state that time is the largest barrier to implementing advanced marketing while the companies that do not automate state that budget is the largest barrier to implementation.
  23. About 80% of users tend to ignore any paid ads that pop up in the search results page. They concentrate on organic search results.
  24. 79 % of leads never become customers.
  25. 52% of buyers prefer mobile-optimized content.

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