You’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the internet.

How you found your way here is a mystery—maybe fate, maybe curiosity, or maybe you just mistyped something else.

Regardless, I’m glad you’re here.

Here’s a little bit about me:


  • Born in: Brooklyn, NY.
  • Raised: Orlando, FL.
  • The high school saga continues from Maynard Evans to Winter Park, with the final chapter at Doctor Phillips High. Panthers, represent!

College Chronicles:

    • University of Florida attendee. Go Gators!
    • Discovered new passions beyond the original playbook

Career Pivot #1:

    • Dreamed of the medical field; reality was like “nah.”
    • Teaching stint: Middle school social studies. Chaos, but enlightening.
    • Found my groove in teaching adults to navigate the corporate world.

Corporate Adventures:

    • From classrooms to boardrooms, from DeVry Education to Marriott Vacation to Orlando Health, and finally, Citibank.
    • Fell head over heels for business writing and leadership development.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

    • Caught the startup bug: Dabbled, designed, sold a couple, failed a dozen.
    • Current focus: Revolutionizing HR tech to simplify life for teams.

Author’s Corner:

    • Over 100 publications are under my belt, including HR Magazine, CareerBuilder, and Entrepreneur Magazine.
    • Penned “Beyond Charisma: Unconventional Strategies for Impactful Leadership.”

Life Outside the Lines:

    • Travel enthusiast with the family by my side.
    • Favorite destinations: Costa Rica’s rainforests and Kauai’s beaches.

Why Share?

It’s not just my journey; it’s a call to find your path, embrace change, and pursue your passions.

What’s in store for the next chapter? 

Let’s explore that together. 

Until next time, keep dreaming and daring.