Need a B2B lead generation strategy for 2021? If you are a B2B company that wants to generate leads, you’re in the right place! Here are the latest marketing strategies you can use for B2B lead generation below. 

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has always been the legend in B2B and even B2C. Since B2B is about relationships and value, engaging and informative content is a priority for lead generation. 

Content marketing comes in many forms: Text, Video, and Audio. What would matter, however, is how engaging your content would be.

Old school content would shove the product or the service to the client’s throat. New-age content would instead solve problems and show how their brand could help. 

Content Marketing Checklist

Here are some things you want to ensure if you are going for this strategy.

  • High-quality and original. 

The worse thing that could happen is your clients finding out that all you’ve been feeding them is a copy. It pays to research and find inspiration. But make sure that everything you will produce is absolutely yours.

  • Be consistent in posting. 

Not one day is the same in marketing. Some days will have excellent results, and some days will not. Keep posting. This is the secret to creating a loyal client.

  • Discoverable content. 

Optimize your content to be searchable. For videos and audio, share it to all your platforms for audience awareness.

  • Easy to digest. 

Keep it concise and straightforward. Don’t try to sound smart, but be sincere. They only care about what you can do for them anyway.

Social Media Marketing

They say that social media is now the future of online entrepreneurship. We prove social networks can generate leads, especially Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram. There are three ways that you can leverage your social media strategy.

Social Media Communities

The ultimate essence of social media is for connections. Since face-to-face events are temporarily out in 2020, social media communities have been on the rise. So join groups with the problems you have a solution to. Make yourself an expert by answering questions and engaging in conversations. Again, adding value to people. You don’t always have to pitch your product.

Social Media Promotion

Promoting your content over social media advertising is a whole new level of reaching your target. The process may sound straightforward. You pay, and the platform spreads your content throughout your desired audience. But it still requires a smart strategy for you to get the result you want.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Here are some tips to help you ace this strategy.

  • Define your target audience
  • Have a budget plan for advertisement
  • Schedule your posts
  • Add call to action
  • Make use of hashtags
  • Tag relevant influencers and business owners
  • Stay active in your story 
  • Engage in the comments

PPC Marketing 

One effective strategy to generate leads is paid-per-click (PPC) advertisement. This is much like social media advertising, except the platform spreads around Google. This provides B2B companies high quality leads from efficient campaigns. However, the tricky part is that AdBlock now exists, and people are blind to banner ads. If the organic method is not working for you anymore, you might want to look for an Ad expert.

Chatbot Marketing 

Conversational marketing is an excellent tool for identifying prospects and cultivating relationships. It makes it easier for brands to pitch their offer to new customers because it automatically answers FAQs. Chatbots create a personalized conversation with swift action. You can close a sale within the chat! Another plus is that it’s automated and does well with collecting data. 

Chatbot Marketing Tactics

Here are a few tips if you choose to generate leads with chatbots.

  • List the information you want to collect.

The goal of generating leads is to collect customer information. After defining your audience, you must then determine what data you must collect to achieve your goal.

  • Keep it short

Your audience doesn’t want to read a monologue. Keep your message short but sweet. Something that would answer their inquiry without feeling like they’re talking to a bot. 

  • Make use of pictures, videos, GIFs, or emojis.

Humans are now used to using emojis and GIFs as substitutes for facial expressions and gestures. Using graphics will make the conversation natural.

  • Give choices

You want the conversation to stay structured as much as you want it to be natural and entertaining. So instead of giving open-ended questions and letting your customers answer as they want, you can provide choices. In this way, they can interact and be straightforward with their answers. This helps them save time and increases their customer experience.

Email Marketing

Oh, the strategy that made it to the top last year! Since Covid-19 happened, B2B companies had no other way to reach prospects except by email. B2B email has also been advancing with automated email list generation. And if done right, your email ROI could be $42 on every dollar spent. You can find a lot of reputable providers online and choose to depend on your needs and budget. 

SEO Strategy

SEO is continuously one of the best channels for generating leads in 2021. SEO works by attracting a narrow-targeted audience to your site. On-page and off-page SEO, as well as website optimization, are still effective strategies. No matter how much the algorithm updates.

SEO Marketing Tips

So here are some SEO trends for 2021 that you should keep in mind.

  • User friendly

Google’s new update is called Core Web Vitals. This update focuses more on mobile friendliness and page load time. This means that a good organic ranking will come to those sites with a good user experience.

  • Long-tail keywords

Content must aim to rank on long-tail keywords since voice search is also a thing now. 

  • High-quality content

This still hasn’t changed over the years. Produce relevant content that will stand out from your competitors. Also, long-form content with 2000+ words, tend to be get more views.

  • Backlinking

In 2021, link building needs to be more strategic. You are aiming to provide value rather than just sound salesy. Trust is essential to gain high-quality backlinks. You can also try influencer SEO, where you get an influencer with the right audience to back you up. 

So What’s Best for Lead Generation?

The strategies we’ve listed above are all proven to be effective, according to marketers. You can maximize your lead generation efforts by using a combination of the six strategies. Observe what works best for your company. And be wise to optimize your campaigns for the best results!

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