Looking for the best lead generation software for your small business? Here are the best tools on the market to help you get more qualified leads in 2021.


Unbounce claims to be the #1 landing page platform and is used by over 15,000 brands. Unbounce helps you generate more leads by giving you the power to create dedicated landing pages designed with one focused goal – driving your visitors towards an action. This could be opting in for your email list, booking an appointment or making a sale. With over 100+ landing page templates to choose from, you can create any campaign with the exact page idea you have in mind. Unbounce has been around for a while and what makes them unique is that they engineer their products to optimize conversions. The software offers Unbounce Conversion Intelligence (trademarked), which is an integrated AI script that automatically sends your visitors to the page on your website where they are most likely to convert into subscribers or sales (depending on your campaign goal).  They commonly refer to this as “Smart Traffic”, which is tested, and proven to see a 30% conversion lift on average for sites using the Unbounce software. 


  • Landing Pages – Unbounce gives you the opportunity to create amazing landing pages using an easy drag-and-drop page builder. You can also have custom integrations and scripts if you want to test more advanced features
  • Pop-ups and Stick Promotion Bars – Ever see those cool little marketing pop-ups that slide into your screen to tempt you with the latest company offer? Unbounce allows you to seamlessly integrate and launch custom sticky promotion bars and custom popups that showcase (relevant) offers on any page of your website
  • Account Management – Managing a large team or multiple clients at once? Unbounce makes it easy to navigate multiple campaigns from one account. You can set permissions for each user and even duplicate successful campaigns
  • Performance and Security – Security is a huge issue when integrating third-party applications on your website. Unbounce safeguards your customer data and keeps payment information away from hackers.
  • Integrations – Unbounce connects and becomes quick friends with nearly every other marketing automation tool on the market, this includes in-app integrations and a ton of other features you can add, including popular options such as:
    • Google Analytics
    • The Facebook Pixel
    • Drift
    • Hotjar
    • Calendly
    • Email marketing tools (MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc.)
    • Salesforce
    • Zoho
    • Hubspot
    • Zapier


Unbounce offers four service plans:

  • Launch: $80/mo
  • Optimize: $120/mo
  • Accelerate $200/mo
  • Scale $300/mo

All plans include everything that you need to design and build high-converting landing pages, but each higher tier allows you to get more conversion actions and visitors and use Unbounce on more than 1 domain. Additional features included in higher tiers include A/B testing, Smart Traffic (AI that helps you maximize each click), quick-loading AMP pages and increased capacity. 

You can save 10% by signing up for an annual plan. 

Interested in taking Unbounce for a test-drive? Take advantage of the 14-day free trial and see if it is a good fit for your marketing needs


Clickfunnels is a popular tool that allows you to create beautiful sales funnels. So, what is a sales funnel? Sales funnels are systems designed to take cold visitors to hot buyers.

Converting a cold lead to a sale is hard, and a sales funnel will help you build trust with your consumers. 

A good sales funnel will:

  • Take your website visitors through a step-by-step sequence that allows them to experience your entire sales process
  • Focuses your customer on one action, product or service
  • Follows up with your visitors after they leave your page to encourage further interactions with your brand

The only problem is that building sales funnels online has traditionally required a lot of technical expertise as there are a lot of moving parts – Clickfunnels makes it easy.

Serving over 150,000 entrepreneurs and currently hosting over 8 MILLION funnels online, Clickfunnels is a proven lead generation software that small businesses can leverage to capture new prospects. The brand has also created tools like Funnel Scripts to help with copywriting and conversions. Check out my Funnel Scripts review by clicking here.


With Clickfunnels, you get:

  • Easy-to-Use Drag and Drop Webpage Editor – that allows you to build and test different landing pages to scale your marketing campaigns
  • Smart Shopping Cart with 1-Click Upsells – so that your customers can take you up on additional offers with no added friction to the sales process
  • Email Marketing Automation – which allow you to follow-up with your customers with automated personalized messages

With Clickfunnels, the pages that you create focus specifically on lead generation. 

Consider using Clickfunnels if you sell products or services in the following industries:

  • Information products
  • Ecommerce
  • Coaching / Consulting
  • Service Agency
  • Freelancer
  • Network Marketing
  • Small Business
  • B2B
  • Non-Profit
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Sites


Clickfunnels offers three service plans: 

  • Standard: $97/mo
  • Platinum: $297/mo
  • Two Comma Club X $2,497/mo

Each plan includes the ability to share funnels (across accounts), create funnels using the “drag ‘n’ drop” style editor (limited to 20 funnels in Standard, unlimited in higher tiers) and landing pages (limited to 100 in standard, unlimited in higher tiers).

Interested in trying out Clickfunnels? Take advantage of the 14-day free trial today!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be described as an advanced sales tool that helps organisations, individuals, and businesses to not only build but develop customer relationships. It also enables them to improve their sales and lead generating performance. This application offers actionable insights and information which can help users better understand prospects and leads. Users can engage with their prospects on a personal level thanks to tailored and personalised content.


  • Seat management
  • Invoicing
  • Realtime sales update
  • CRM integration
  • InMail Messages


LinkedIn Sales Navigator has 3 price plans. They are:

  • Professional:  $64.99/month
  • Team: Quote
  • Enterprise: Quote


Pipedrive is a leading CRM software that has been created by salespeople for salespeople. It is the go-to lead generation software for over 80,000 sales teams across the world. It is user-friendly and concentrates on visualising and managing a sales funnel. The platform is surprisingly simple to use, making keeping on top of calls, meetings, and emails. Nevertheless, Pipedrive does lack major features some of its similarly priced competition have.

Just as its name hints, Pipeline’s major function is to offer a visual pipeline for sale deals. The first log in is indicative of this, as it begins with its standard sales pipeline. Businesses simply enter their current deals and ideas, however, it is possible to create a new pipeline or alter the current one. Alterations to the pipeline are simple thanks to the drag and drop option.

There are several features available for businesses to organise their correspondence, teams, and contacts. For instance, Contact Timelines enables the sales representative to view the next contact on their list and how quickly they can follow up. The Smart Contact Data feature finds public information concerning contacts enabling you to have a full picture of your current customers, leads, and prospects. Pipeline also identifies duplicate contacts, merging them so lead conversion is streamlined.


Pipeline emphasises its sales funnel feature, excelling at tracking deals from their inception to their closing, as well as managing every aspect of creating clients. Nevertheless, there aren’t that many lead generation tools on Pipeline and users will have to stick to third-party plugins for things such as reporting.

When it comes to its lead generation functionality, it has the following features.

  • Data Import/Export
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Lead Segmentation
  • Lead Capture
  • Pipeline Management
  • Lead Scoring 
  • Lead Nurturing


Pipeline offers the following 3 plan:

  • Essential at $12.50/ month
  • Advanced at $24.90/month
  • Professional at $49.90/month


LeadFuze essentially enables users to build prospect relationships and generate leads by utilising data from social media networks. The information-gathering process is automated, ensuring it is less time consuming and cumbersome. This software comes with third party plugins that can be used to verify a prospect’s email address, the prospect’s position within the company, as well as other essential qualifying information. The moment these contacts are collected, they can be merged into LeadFuze which then creates an automatic outbound email sequence.


  • Data Gathering and Verification
  • Outbound Email Automation
  • Scalable Email Outreach
  • Automated List Building

Every email on a LeadFuze list is twice verified. This strict vetting process ensures that your emails don’t bounce. LeadFuze can synchronise with other outreach software such as Mailshake. This ensures that email campaigns can be sent without the manual input of contact details and email addresses.


  • Free Trial
  • Solo plan: $97/month/user
  • Team plan: $297/month


Intercom is a platform that utilises behavioural targeting and user intelligence to help businesses better understand, benefit from, and improve customer communication. Intercom enables its users to drive growth and loyalty at every stage of their customer lifecycle. It can be a wonderful tool that promotes seamless customer acquisition and communication. 

Its User Interface is easy to use and intuitive, enabling users to capture the names and emails of customers that visit their site. It comes with an integrative feature that lets it be used with other apps like HubSpot to promote easy lead closure. Flowcharts can be created for customer communication, saving both effort and time.

A few of Intercom’s benefits are:

  • Customisable settings
  • Intuitive interface
  • Integration with more than 100 applications


  • Outbound messaging
  • Custom bots
  • Team inbox
  • Customer data
  • Reporting
  • Account-based marketing


Intercom has 4 pricing plans. They are:

  • Start at $39/month
  • Grow at $99/month
  • Accelerate at $499/per month
  • Scale at $999/per month

Agile CRM

Agile CRM has been created to consolidate the marketing and sales process, with features such as contact management helping businesses organise their customer list whilst also enabling them to better understand their customers. Its project management feature can help teams remain in sync avoiding any confusion concerning the status of projects or tasks. It amalgamates various business departments and functions such as marketing, sales, service, and social media into a centralised hub.


  • Project Management
  • Telephony
  • Social CRM
  • Contact management
  • Landing Page Builder


Agile CRM has 3 plans. They are:

  • Starter: $15/month/user
  • Regular: $50/month/user
  • Enterprise: $80/month/user.


Novocall is a cloud-based recording and call tracking software that enables marketing agencies, sales teams, and B2B organisations to manage multi-channel customer communications using a centralised platform. Custom forms and widgets can be embedded into websites, enabling them to seamlessly trigger and schedule customer call-backs.


  • Campaign attribution
  • Call tagging
  • Call scheduling
  • Inbound call centre
  • Activity dashboard

Its included call routing module means that administrators can configure workflows as well as transfer calls to the right processes based on employee product knowledge, geographical location and relevant departments. Team leaders can set appropriate follow-ups and record calls to monitor performance. The call tracking functionality means that employees can track and attribute calls based on their promotional sources.


  • Free trial
  • $39/month


AeroLeads has been branded as perhaps the most powerful and robust prospecting and lead generation tool available today. Its user-friendly platform is one of the few completely web-based software. Its features are easy to use and its interface is clean. When it comes to usability, AeroLeads ensures its information database is constantly updated. Lead generation is easy with AeroLeads, all a user needs is to utilise the search engine feature, select the source and the data is given based on the selected source. The entire process is simple and fast enabling users to generate leads quickly, streamline the marketing and sales process as well.


  • Individual and company profiling
  • Lead generation and prospect
  • Tagging
  • Phone and Email search
  • Team collaboration


AeroLeads offers 4 plans to select from. They are:

  • Take Off: $49/month
  • Climb: $149/month
  • Cruise: $499/month
  • Enterprise: By quote


Autoklose is an email outreach software which comes with an integrated B2B database full over more than 8 million verified B2B leads. Its easy user and intuitive interface have gained awards and it helps reduce onboarding time.


  • Seamlessly syncs with existing sales stack
  • Save 3 hours every day on each sales rep
  • Utilises real-time analytics and reporting


  • Email platform integration
  • Integrated workflows
  • Customisations
  • Workflow management
  • Analytics


Autoklose has the following price plans:

Starter: $49.99/month

Small Business: $149.99/month

Enterprise: Quote

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