Best Tools to Grow Your Digital Business (2020)

These are the tools that I use to run my online businesses. Most of these tools are free to use while some offer premium paid services. I don’t recommend using paid tools until you have paying customers. For every premium service on earth there is a free alternative somewhere that may not be as great but still gets the job done. If you need additional help finding lower cost or free software / solution for your business, contact me and I’ll help you find one that works.

WordPress powers over a third of all websites and once was the CMS for the New York Times. It’s the most comprehensive content managing system on the market and while many competitors have risen over the years claiming to do it better, WordPress is king.


Siteground is the most value-packed and beginner-friendly web host currently available to power domains. pricing is extremely competitive and customer service is second to none. Check out my SiteGround hosting review and see for yourself.


Clickfunnels changed my life. Not only the software but the community. This tool helps you automate and optimize a sales system, enabling you to get new clients on autopilot. Try Clickfunnels today with a 14-day trial.


Mailchimp is an email marketing solution that allows you to capture customer emails and communicate with them (you can even automate it). While I currently use ConvertKit for my bigger lists, Mailchimp is what I started with and still what I recommend because of their generous free plan.


Thrive Themes does so many things, but I primarily use it to build landing pages and opt-in forms. The box that collected your email when you signed up to access this toolkit? All Thrive Themes. Now, Thrive has a learning curve but I think it’s worth it for what it offers.


Acuity Scheduling gives you back control over your life, seriously. Who’s got time to send emails back and forth to find a time to connect? Acuity allows you to send prospective clients one link to schedule a time that will work for you both. Easy.


Cloudflare is the most popular CDN and has over 180 data centers across the globe. A CDN essentially helps improve your website’s performance, speed and security.


I really only write about topics you want to hear about. No, I can’t read your mind. I simply use my favorite keyword research tool. Ahrefs helps you find topics and search queries people are looking for online.


CoSchedule allows you to create editorial calendars and stay on top of your publishing. I’m really not that organized and have trouble rememebering things; CoSchedule is truly a time-saver.


In 2015, my first company was featured in HR Magazine for managing an remote team of freelancers. With Asana, a remote team can communicate, share updates and keep the entire team focused on one goal.


Canva is the Adobe Photoshop for people who don’t know how to use Photoshop. No, the design quality won’t be as good as Photoshop but you will save a ton of time and money adding this easy-to-use software into your suite of business tools.


Grammarly is my favorite tool on this list. I write a ton and while most people think I’m a decent writer; I make a lot of mistakes and my first draft is usually a mess. Grammarly is Microsoft Spell check on steroids. It makes my write clear, engaging and concise.

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