Looking for the best warehouse software for small business processes? Check out my list of proven WMS tools to help you improve your sales and fulfillment process.

Fishbowl Warehouse

Best Warehouse Software for Small Business looking for easy-to-use interface.

Fishbowl is a warehouse management software that is available for cloud or on-premise deployment. The warehouse management solution is loaded with a lineup of features that include order management, inventory management, shipping, and more. The service also integrates seamlessly with solutions like QuickBooks, Xero, and more.

Fishbowl WMS features helpful dashboards that give you an in-depth dive into core WMS processes

  • Seamless QuickBooks and Xero Integration: The software integrates effortlessly with Xero, QuickBooks, and more. This allows you to eliminate instances of double data entry by updating existing accounting records and other adjustments. Fishbowl WMS Xero integration allows you insights into scrapped inventory, cycle counts, order tracking, and more.
  • The service lets users track inventory in several warehouse locations. This way, you can manage shortages by moving goods from one warehouse to another and generates uniform sales trends in every location.
  • Fishbowl is indispensable in warehouse order management. By generating in-depth reports on warehouse operations, allows shipment tracking and setting up of reorder points.
  • Inventory management and Shipping is a crucial component in any self-respecting warehouse operation. Fishbowl helps warehouses manage inventory by generating barcodes, easily integrating with multiple shipping services to deliver goods on time to your customers.
  • Multi-Currency support allows users to receive and create sales and purchase orders in any currency. The service then converts the currency amount into USD.
  • Fishbowl WMS creates detailed reports relevant to your warehouse’s inventory and sales data in the form of graphs, turnover pie-charts or bar-graphs, or adjustment reports.

The software also offers Fishbowl Time, a timekeeping system that allows employees to check-in and out using a PIN or QR code. This way, your staff can track their hours, paid time off, tax status, vacation time, payroll, and overtime. Fishbowl WMS is tailor-made for retailers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and government enterprises.

Prices: Fishbowl WMS starts at $4,395 for a lifetime of use. You can renew Fishbowl WMS for $1,395 a year for continued access to new updates.

Manhattan Associates WMS

Best Warehouse Software for Small Business looking for fast shipping options.

Manhattan Associates WMS is a warehouse and inventory management service that puts you in control of your supply chain. Manhattan WMS stands out for its multi-carrier delivery. This means that you may choose to have your goods delivered by multiple logistics services along the way. It means you get to choose the fastest, most cost-effective supply chain solution for your needs.

If goods arrive at your warehouse and need immediate shipping, Manhattan WMS offers cross-docking support and inventory management software suitable for this specific instance. Manhattan’s Associates WMS also offers an order streaming feature designed to prioritize shipments with fast turnaround times. This means pulling items from other orders if the need arises, to fulfill priority orders.

Key Features Include;

  • Cloud capabilities: Manhattan WMS offers both cloud-based and on-premise deployment forms. Cloud-based warehouse solutions have numerous advantages such as mobile access, and fast update times that don’t need system shut-downs or reboots reducing your total downtime.
  • The software offers mobile accessibility that grants insight into crucial operational data and processes from a remote environment. This ensures operations continue to run as smoothly as possible.
  • The Manhattan WMS gives warehouse managers and staff an up-to-the-minute birds-eye-view of valuable operational data as daily tasks are carried out. The said data can then be leveraged to optimize warehouse operations, make forecasts, and formulate an effective strategy.
  • Manhattan’s warehouse management software solution comes packed with functions that help you improve inventory organization. Streamlining warehouse inventory processes reduces order life cycle time ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Improved accuracy and data provide business owners with tools that can help make correct predictive analytics. Orders ship out faster and clients can then get a correct estimate of when they will arrive.
  • The Manhattan warehouse management software solution makes use of an External Parcel Integration (EPI) framework. This allows it to connect with several external delivery solutions allowing for multi-carrier capabilities.

The software goes beyond simple order management, it makes optimizing your warehouse layout much easier for picking and packing. Additionally, Manhattan WMS also allows warehouse managers/owners to set goods handling policies. This feature ensures all members of staff are familiar with and adhere to protocols for moving, handling, storing, tracking, and controlling inventory.

Pricing: Prices are determined on a price per user basis which is inclusive of monthly upgrades, updates, and patches with minimum commitment fees.

NetSuite WMS

Best Warehouse Software for Small Business working with perishable goods.

NetSuite WMS is part of the extended Oracle family of brands. NetSuite offers comprehensive warehouse inventory, logistics, production, and financial management services.

The software is a hybrid WMS solution that streamlines operations using industry-accepted best practices to lower handling costs and maximize customer satisfaction. Its multi-location management feature gives insight into warehouse inventory, shipping and returns management all from a convenient platform.

Key Features:

  • NetSuite’s financial management – module offers business owners direct insights into compliance and accounting management and real-time access to financial data.
  • The WMS solution offers order management services that help enhance cash flow improve on-time delivery, reduce shipping costs and integrate with CRM services. Features included are pricing and promotions, sales order, and returns management.
  • When used alongside the integrated native NetSuite ecosystem, the software optimizes warehouse workflow helping drive faster, more efficient processes. This eliminates the need for paper-pushing and other resource-intensive procedures in the warehouse.
  • Supply Chain Management – solutions coupled with Warehouse and Order Fulfillment help increase service levels and decrease costs while providing native, real-time updates on the movement of inventory, delivery time estimates, and more.

Just like Manhattan WMS and FishBowl WMS, NetSuite allows you to set inventory handling policies and protocols. This helps improve efficiency as it helps define procedures for put-away and product picking. NetSuite WMS warehouse management solution offers advanced inventory tracking which helps you keep tabs on expiration dates, bin locations and track the shelf lives of specific goods. This way, prioritizing perishable goods that need to be sold sooner is much easier. 

Pricing: NetSuite WMS pricing is predicated on a set of givens that include ERP configuration, necessary add-on modules, number of users, and contract length. Its base license fees are $999 per month with a monthly access cost of $99 per user.

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