Think back to the last event or conference you attended.

The energy, the networking, the wealth of knowledge exchanged — it’s something special, right?

Events and conferences are more than just gatherings.

They’re hubs of inspiration, arenas for innovation, and platforms for forging connections.

So, why should we pay attention to these gatherings?

  • Knowledge Sharing: It’s a chance to learn from experts, gain new perspectives, and keep pace with industry trends.
  • Networking: Meeting like-minded peers can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, or even new career opportunities.
  • Motivation: There’s something invigorating about being in a space brimming with enthusiasm and passion.

Now, with the digital revolution, the scope of events and conferences has expanded.

We’re not limited by geography; virtual events allow us to connect and learn from the comfort of our homes.

If you’re on the lookout for the next must-attend event or seeking tips on how to maximize your conference experience, you’re in the right spot.

Below, you’ll find resources, guides, and event recommendations tailored for curious minds like yours.

And if you ever want to chat about an event or need some guidance on which to attend, give me a nudge.

Together, we’ll make the most of every event opportunity that comes our way.

L&D Conferences & Events:

  1. Learning Technologies Conference: A leading European event showcasing organizational learning and related technologies.
  2. DevLearn: Hosted by the eLearning Guild, it’s a leading technology-driven L&D event in North America.
  3. ATD International Conference & Expo: A global L&D event assembling professionals to share expertise and insights.
  4. CIPD Learning and Development Show: A significant UK event centering on L&D innovations and strategies.
  5. Training Conference & Expo: Managed by Training Magazine, this conference explores the latest training trends.
  6. I4PL Conference: Canada’s premier event for L&D professionals.
  7. OEB (Online Educa Berlin): A significant conference delving into tech-supported learning and training.
  8. HR Tech Conference: Though a broader event, it provides valuable insights into the confluence of technology and employee development.

Webinars & Virtual Conferences:

  1. eLearning Industry Webinars: Regular webinars on L&D topics with industry experts.
  2. ATD Webinars: ATD offers a plethora of webinars covering diverse L&D subjects.
  3. The eLearning Guild’s Online Forums: Virtual events discussing specific eLearning topics.
  4. Training Magazine Network Webinars: Frequent webinars on training and L&D.
  5. CIPD Webinars: Webinars for HR and L&D professionals, often complimentary for members.
  6. BrightTalk: A platform hosting myriad webinars, including L&D ones.
  7. Virtual Learning Conferences: With the pandemic-led transformation, virtual L&D events are on the rise. Platforms such as vFairs, Hopin, and Socio are often utilized for these gatherings.