Looking for the best Instagram post scheduler? Finding the right one can be difficult, but having the right marketing tools for your online page or business will make a world of difference. With over a billion active users, Instagram is leading the revolution in e-commerce and opening up opportunities for small businesses. Whether you’re looking to make new leads, close sales with existing customers or simply improve product visibility, Instagram offers some of the best functionalities for small businesses. Using the right tools, refining your strategy and posting at the right times, you can turbo charge your Instagram presence and get the results you desire in record time. Here is a roundup of the 3 best Instagram post scheduler apps


Hootsuite is a name that is almost guaranteed to come up in conversations about social media management tools which is no genuine surprise. The app has been around for a while now which speaks volumes about its reliability. The social media management tool is a favourite to a sizeable number of professionals and businesses alike. So what earns Hootsuite its place among the best apps for scheduling Instagram posts? Key features are as follows;

  • Hootsuite’s bread-and-butter feature post scheduling feature has remained a favourite. The feature allows you to schedule posts in advance and using its automatic scheduling capabilities, the app can decide for you the best time for your posts based on its algorithms. Scheduled posts appear in your calendar of upcoming posts. This helps you keep your posts organized and gives an insight into what’s lined up at a glance.
  • Hootsuite helps save you time by allowing you to manage multiple social media accounts; Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn from one convenient location. This saves you the hustle of having to log in to all your accounts each time you have to post content.
  • Hootsuite’s Streams feature helps you keep track of relevant conversations and developments as they’re happening. The app also allows you to monitor your feed from different social media networks all from a single dashboard.
  • Hootsuite offers helpful Analytics and insightful in-depth social media performance reports for both business and personal Instagram pages.
  • With an upgrade, Hootsuite allows you unlimited social media scheduling meaning there are no limits to how many Instagram pages you’d want to schedule posts. Hootsuite Professional allows a single user to manage up to ten social media profiles. Hootsuite Team is designed for up to groups of three and can manage up to 20 Instagram pages. 


Professional Plan is offered at $29/month, the Team plan goes for $129/month, while the Business plan is $599/month. Enterprise plans are offered on a quotation basis. All premium plans come with a 30-day risk-free trial.


As your Instagram page gains traction, keeping track of your posts and engagements can become a hectic task. If you need to regularly post content on your Instagram, then Combin Scheduler is just the tool for you. The service allows you to plan your posts ahead of time and schedule any pending tasks for a particular date of your choosing. You can also resize and edit your images, choosing from several options to make your posts Instagram-ready. Combin scheduler features tools that also allow you to zoom and crop images to fit Instagram aspect. Key features include;

  • The app allows you to schedule multiple Instagram posts for uploading at the same time. You no longer need to select and post individual images repeatedly. Simply select images you’d want to post and afterwards publish or schedule them with a simple click.
  • Combin Scheduler’ features an easy-to-navigate user interface that allows you to perform tasks efficiently. Using the Post-Re-Scheduling option you can easily and conveniently use the drag feature built into the app’s calendar to a date you feel is most suitable. 
  • Combin’s Instagram Repost Feature allows you to repost content from any of your other Instagram pages which helps improve your brand recognition and value on Instagram.
  • The app features a location tagging function that allows users to specify locations in a bid to attract a certain demographic. This way, your Instagram posts target specific audiences and markets. 


Combin offers the Starter package that is free; an efficient way to test the apps major functions. The Personal plan goes for $15 /month while the Business package retails for $30/month.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an app that provides marketing, social media management, customer care, analytics and data intelligence services. The service has seen deployment with major industry leaders across different sectors. The ability to schedule Instagram posts in advance has been a game-changer for up-and-coming Instagram pages. Sprout Social’s Instagram scheduling feature allows you to plan out your posting calendar ahead of time allowing you more control over when your content goes live. Additionally, the app also keeps track of your engagements on Instagram, so you never miss out on any leads. Key Features are as follows:

  • As far as cross-platform deployment goes, Sprout leads the pack in post scheduling for users who may have multiple social media accounts. The apps help you save time otherwise wasted hopping back and forth between your social networks. With Sprout, you can schedule posts for publishing at a later date and time simultaneously.
  • The app allows users to apply custom tags to Instagram posts and messages. This in turn helps to better organize and report customer engagements, impressions, follower growth rates and much more using Sprout’s easy-to-use social media analytics tools.
  • Sprout Social offers the ultimate Social Media optimization tools for small business owners and brands looking to improve their social media presence. In addition to helping you schedule your posts, the app can also help boost your ROI from paid posts you may be scheduling.
  • Sprout Social’s proprietary ViralPost® technology helps automate the scheduling process by identifying the optimal posting times for your content. This ensures maximum reach, replacing guesswork with tried-and-proven strategies.


Sprouts Standard plan goes for $99 per user each month. This plan allows you to manage up to 5 Instagram/social media pages at a go. The Professional plan goes for $149 per user each month while the Advanced plan goes for $249 per user per month with added perks on each plan respectively.

In summary, as your social media presence continues to grow, you’ll need more time and resources to plan posts and create content for your target audience. No one said executing Instagram marketing strategies would be easy. But with apps to schedule your Instagram posts, you can save up on time, maximize engagements and watch your business take off. But don’t take our word for it, try out these powerful apps and see the difference.

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