Are you an entrepreneur or small business looking to boost your lead generation strategy? Landing page optimization tools will help you get higher quality leads. You may have had your mind on landing pages. Or maybe you have already created one but didn’t get the results you want. Then it’s time for an upgrade! Here’s are eight landing page optimization tools that you might use to optimize your landing page!

Five Second Tests 

Five Second Tests can help you figure out what the first impressions of your landing page visitors are. In a sense, participants are given five seconds to glance at a design before being asked to answer a few simple questions. You get to choose the questions, but you don’t get to give your thoughts on the participants, which is terrible. While the feedback may not be from your precise intended audience, it can still provide helpful information about how your landing page is doing and whether its CTAs are being comprehended. 

Crazy Egg

Utilize Crazy Egg to improve what works, repair what doesn’t, and put fresh ideas to the test. It uses heatmaps and recordings to provide insight into visitors’ travel paths, and its A/B testing tool allows you to make data-driven decisions about color, copy, images, and content placement.

There are four pricing options: Basic ($24), Standard ($49), Plus ($99), and Pro ($249). These costs are per month and billed annually, but they all have a free 30-day trial that you may use before agreeing to anything. Clients with more specialized requirements should contact them for a custom plan.


Unbounce is a landing page builder that comes with built-in capabilities to help you optimize your landing pages. It offers a lower membership price, making it a somewhat more cost-effective solution for small organizations. It has a plan designed exclusively for people that wish to improve the performance of their landing pages.

Paying for $120 a month, the Optimize plan includes intelligent traffic and limitless pop-ups and sticky bars. You may share relevant promotions with your visitors via sticky bars and pop-ups, which will help more people convert. Another feature worth mentioning is its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, which allows you to easily change your design and produce a slightly different version for A/B testing (another built-in feature).


It’s one of the best landing page builders for building landing pages from the base up. You may leverage tools like powerful analytics, built-in heatmaps, and A/B testing, in addition to its building skills, to further improve what you’ve developed. You can use heatmaps to watch your visitors’ behavior and pinpoint areas that are causing problems.

Its Business plan begins at $199 a month, but if you want to be invoiced annually, you may save 25%, which is a good deal. It’s better suited for marketing agencies, based on its pricing.

Google Analytics

If you want to see if your site is performing well, Google Analytics is a brilliant tool to use. It has a section dedicated to learning more about your landing page statistics. Here you’ll know which pages your visitors visit the most, how long they spend on average on each, bounce rates, and how many new visitors you get. These figures will provide you with a good baseline against which you can assess if the modifications have been successful. The outstanding feature is that you may use it for free in its basic version.


Use a keyword analysis tool like Ahrefs to help you locate the best keywords for your landing page. This tool guarantees that your SEO game is top. Allowing you to identify thousands of keywords and examine how difficult it is to rank for them. You can also calculate their traffic potential using its Keywords Explorer feature.

There are four pricing options: Lite ($99), Standard ($179), Advanced ($399), and Agency ($999). These costs are monthly, but if you pay annually, you will receive two months free.


Hotjar is a popular tool for learning more about how visitors engage with your landing page. It employs heatmaps and real-time records of customer visits to highlight where visitors spend the most time on your landing page and which areas of the page cause them to leave. It also does its study of your page’s performance, including factors such as layout, content, readability, and interaction.

It offers a variety of price and data options to ensure that no matter how big or tiny your company is, you’ll be able to discover something that suits your needs. The basic plan is free for personal projects, while the Plus plan costs $39 per month for early-stage start-ups or low-traffic sites.


Users are asked to visit your landing page and travel around it using this tool. Users then record their interactions with your landing page and provide you a copy. The fact that they must also record their audio is what makes this gadget so useful. As a result, making sense of their input is a lot easier, and you end up with a lot more complete evaluation. You also have control over whoever users test your landing page. You can either connect with your users or use their diverse panel to target your specific audience.

If it sounds unusual, rest assured that it is used by some of the world’s most well-known companies and start-ups, like Facebook, Grammarly, and Walmart.


There’s a lot of factors to blame for your landing page not converting. But you must never forget the number one principle to convert. Feeding your prospect’s wants. The tools listed above definitely help but if you neglect these things you will still end up disappointed:

  • Simple landing page design
  • UX/UI design
  • Clear CTA buttons
  • Testimonials
  • Form
  • Contact information
  • Creative and informative copy
  • SEO
  • Exit popup

Your landing page won’t convert overnight. But with patience, hard work, and smart optimization strategy and tools, you sure have our bet!

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