Online lead generation services are a crucial part of the sales process of any business. When you have a marketing strategy in place, it’s easy to understand why. But when you don’t, it’s often hard to know where to start.

Lead generation is one of the most important marketing strategies in implementing an effective sales process. However, it can be a difficult process to master and understand. So, let’s take a look at the best lead generation services for your business in 2022, which will help you grow your business.

What is a Lead generation service?

Lead generation identifies, acquires, and converts individuals into customers using different marketing methods and channels. Common lead-generating tracks include search engine optimization, social networking sites, Email, and websites.

Since many B2B organizations’ services cost hundreds of dollars and online visitors are less inclined to buy directly from their websites, thus lead generation becomes a crucial part of their sales funnel.

Why Quality Leads are Important for the Sales Process

A business needs to generate leads. Without leads, most firms will not develop their sales and client base. The way individuals acquire products or services has significantly changed in recent years. Flashy commercials don’t as easily entice consumers as they formerly were.

Lead quality is a metric that determines how probable your leads are to convert into paying clients. Greater-quality leads will probably become repeated consumers, resulting in a higher long-term return on investment.

When you concentrate on lead quality, your chances of turning a lead into a sale rise considerably, implying that the time and money you spent getting that lead will pay off when they become clients. An essential factor in improving your return on investment (ROI) is to generate high-quality leads that convert visitors into buyers.

High-quality leads are easier to handle for your market research and customer engagement representatives, but they are typically more costly to obtain for your sales team. The greater the quality of leads you provide to your sales representatives, the more likely they will convert into sales.

Top 10 Lead Generation Companies for Your Business in 2022

  2. Upcall
  3. Salespanel
  4. Leadium
  5. Salespro Leads
  6. Picreel
  7. HubSpot
  8. Pipedrive
  10. Hey Oliver

Best Lead Generation Services in 2022

Many marketers have difficulty generating leads in the sales process. They provide engaging material for their consumers, but they can’t turn their marketing content to validated leads. It’s tough to determine who to trust and which firm would be the best match when looking for a lead generation service.

You’re probably looking for a lead generation service that is reliable, provides a return on investment, and has the competence to produce high-quality leads to fill your sales funnel. Your B2B company’s profitability and development are dependent on you maintaining your pipeline full of fresh, quality leads.

However, finding time to stay on top of your lead generation plan may be difficult when you’re busy operating your business and keeping your customers satisfied. This is why so many firms rely on lead generation services. Here’s our list of the top best lead generation services to help you generate quality leads for your business.


CIENCE is a lead generation service that provides a diverse range of specialist sales services, from market analysis to quality leads for successful sales. CIENCE describes itself as a People-as-a-Service (PaaS) firm, with a workforce dedicated to customizing your messages for local or international customer acquisition. They help you interact, qualify, and arrange appointments with your inbound leads.

CIENCE provides four “people-as-a-service” (PaaS) solutions for your business:

  1. Sales Data Solutions
  2. Outbound Sales Development Representative (SDR)
  3. Inbound Sales Development Representative (SDR)
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services

The methodology that CIENCE employs is what sets it apart from other lead generation services. The team works with clients to understand their objectives and goals. Still, they also find harmony with their customers and understand the market and the many components of business operations in certain areas.


Upcall is an all-in-one outbound lead generation service that enables users to launch a call campaign from their systems and grow it with lead generation efforts to satisfy all outsourcing calling requirements. In a few seconds, the technology sets up simple outbound calls and personal phone conversations and immediately follows up with leads at the proper time with an appropriate message.

They provide you with a staff of skilled lead generation specialists and Upcallers to handle your calls and easy-to-use tools to track your progress. It provides you with everything you’ll need to keep in touch with your connections and make the call yourself.


Key benefits of using Upcall are:

  1. Integrate with any lead sources
  2. Generate leads and convert them into sales
  3. Screens and qualifies every lead
  4. Local caller ID integration
  5. Real-time reporting
  6. Easy campaign management


Salespanel is a lead generation customer intelligence and marketing engagement platform with many features. From real-time user interaction across numerous channels to lead qualification based on behavioral and firmographic data, the platform assists you in executing multiple activities and automating the process for advertisers to exchange critical data with sales.

Salespanel is a central point for organizations to track and measure all marketing initiatives. It provides all of the data your sales force requires to clinch more transactions. With Salespanel, you can better align your sales and marketing efforts and increase your return on investment.


Top lead generation services offered are:

  1. An efficient lead generation process
  2. End to end lead management
  3. Real-time tracking
  4. Source Tracking
  5. 360° Sales and Marketing Platform


Leadium is a B2B lead generating firm specializing in assisting B2B firms in increasing their outbound sales. Leadium uses specialized research methodologies to help possible B2B relationships. After learning who your potential clients are, they will find and prioritize the best leads for you.

They also provide full-service inbound lead generation programs across several channels, using personalized and customized messages to entice clients to take action. All of its solutions are concentrated on lead generation and overall sales, assisting businesses in redefining and growing their sales objectives.


Key features include:

  1. Efficient Lead generation strategy
  2. B2B Contact DATA
  3. Outbound Automation
  4. Multi-channel outreach
  5. Email marketing
  6. Market research

SalesPro Leads

SalesPro Leads is a leading lead generation company specializing in the tech sector. SalesPro Leads’ professionals have a cumulative 50 years of corporate growth and lead generating expertise and are committed to providing exceptional customer service and exceptional sales services. SalesPro Leads is a leading lead generation agency specializing in B2B sales and marketing.

SalesPro Leads takes care of incoming calls to achieve the greatest outcomes, nurtures the most qualified leads until they’re ready to buy, performs event recruitment, and builds and administers your databases. SalesPro Leads excels in generating quality leads through multiple channels and assisting customers in scheduling appointments with quality leads that meet the client’s criteria.


Key features include:

  1. Inquiry Management
  2. Nurture Leads
  3. Event Recruitment
  4. Campaign Management
  5. Pipeline Management
  6. Reporting & Analytics
  7. Convert prospects into qualified leads


Picreel is renowned for its exit-intent solution, allowing online companies to target users with well-timed and attractive pop-ups. You can Minimize cart desertion, promote sales and coupons, suggest items, and conduct surveys with this lead creation and conversions tool.

Exit pop-up ads, on-site messaging, microbars, and polls are among the conversion enhancement options available on its platform. These tools are essential for acquiring more leads and increasing revenue. You may employ Intelligent high-converting pop-ups to convert visitors to buyers on your page. Picreel tracks the cursor of a site visitor. It aids in predicting when a visitor is going to abandon the page. Picreel initiates a pop-up just before it occurs to re-engage the existing visitor. It reduces shopping cart abandonment and boosts conversions.


Key features include:

  1. Boost conversion rates
  2. Qualified lead generation campaigns
  3. Grow sales & leads
  4. Analytics/ROI Tracking
  5. Real-Time Analytics and Reporting
  6. Interactive elements
  7. Email marketing integration


HubSpot is generally one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to lead generation tools. It’s like a Swiss army knife, and it combines sales, marketing, and CRM all on one dashboard. In addition to lead generation, it has several capabilities that allow you to construct automation processes, email marketing, and administer online profiles.

HubSpot is appropriate for many B2B and B2C businesses, including accountancy, advertising, sales, manufacturing, eCommerce, real estate, and more. Sales staff may use HubSpot CRM to organize connections, monitor prospects, control their sales funnel, and more. HubSpot’s Lead Flow is an effective tool for capturing leads as they arrive.

Businesses may use this functionality to construct compelling lead generation forms in several formats, such as drop-down bars, slide-in panels in the bottom left or right, and pop-up ads. Slide boxes are useful for marketing content and acquiring blog subscriptions. Pop-up bubbles are used to promote social networks, increase mailing lists, and present your most useful material, while drop-down bars are used to display relevant deals or increase the blog subscriber list.


Key features include:

  1. Free marketing & lead generation strategies
  2. Analyze and improve conversions
  3. Social media integration and management
  4. Email tracking and management
  5. Reporting dashboards


Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM), and sales funnel management application for small & mid businesses. Hardcore marketers worked together to create it. Pipedrive organizes leads so that you will always have a clear picture of your sales pipeline and can focus on the most critical prospects first. You’ll constantly arrive at a singular, simplified view of your selling process when you open Pipedrive. With expanded functionality, online chatbot development, and fast analytics, Pipedrive CRM increases its small business-focused product.

Pipedrive CRM’s easy usage remains one of its strongest characteristics. Pipedrive retrieves profile information from your new lead’s email account to help you get a better image of your prospective customer. Data from a Search engine, LinkedIn profiles, site directories, and other publicly available internet sources will be waiting for you on your dashboards instead of Searching each new lead.


Key features include:

  1. Mobile app integrations
  2. Manage leads
  3. Real-time reporting and analytics
  4. Workflow automation
  5. Logging leads
  6. Appointment management is a B2B online marketing company and cloud-based platform that provides a variety of marketing and advertising solutions to customers in various sectors all over the globe. The firm concentrates on the needs of its clients and assists them in identifying their target consumers.

Its main task includes improving the sales funnel to attract ideal prospective clients. It targets specific leads, feeds them into a sales funnel, qualifies them, and repeats the cycle. The construction of optimized landing pages for useful information is one of this firm’s most valuable solutions.

Its parent firm Webimax is a well-known digital marketing firm, so it’s no surprise that it specializes in online lead generating. It provides website development, SEO, and content marketing as part of its multi-channel lead generation offerings. It can also send out Email, and direct mail campaigns, schedule B2B meetings, and analyze evaluate, nurture, and track leads.


Key features include:

  1. Custom Lead Generation Campaign
  2. Real-time tracking and ROI reports
  3. Email marketing
  4. Landing page creation
  5. Paid search marketing
  6. Lead nurturing

Hey Oliver

Hey, Oliver is a digital marketing tool that integrates with your websites to allow you to create personalized campaigns, monitor engagement, and convert more leads. You can immediately launch tailored ads to reach your customers and convert more leads into paying customers. The ability to track user activity on your website and identify your top clients is useful for this application.

Thanks to clever marketing, marketers, and organizations may enhance conversion rates with Hey Oliver. It analyses each client and gives you statistics that you can use to categorize your users based on established or customized parameters and create targeted engagement campaigns for them. Hey, Oliver’s sophisticated campaign generator makes it simple to create bespoke campaigns that help your company achieve its objectives.


Key features include:

  1. Analytics/ROI tracking
  2. Lead nurturing
  3. Engage and capture more lead
  4. Lead management
  5. Campaign management
  6. Multi-channel marketing
  7. Marketing automation
  8. 360 visitor tracking

How to Choose the Right Lead Generation Service for Your Business

When searching for a sales lead generation service, it’s critical to think about precisely what solutions your agency requires. Consider which promotional channels you want to concentrate on and whether you have in-house resources to manage lead generation. The main channels and marketing strategies include social media marketing, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, and cold calling.

You should seek monitoring and tracking features in a lead generation service so that you can keep track of your leads and campaigns. Choose a provider that emphasizes quantity over quality, and you’ll rapidly fill your sales funnel, but those poor prospects will hurt your result.

Most businesses persuade clients to supply a particular quantity of leads, and they follow the “the merrier” strategy. Verify the quantity they claim for your company is realistic and that their focus is on ROI rather than the number of leads.


Every business is unique, and you must choose carefully which services are necessary to integrate into your daily workflow. It’s time to say goodbye to cold email marketing and subpar lead generation methods! With these excellent lead generation tools, you can spice up your sales strategy and marketing techniques. You will find this comprehensive list helpful with whichever lead generation solution you choose.

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