Ever tried to assemble a piece of furniture without instructions?

Or attempted to cook a new dish without a recipe?

You’d agree that the process and method matter, right?

Similarly, in the realm of professional learning, how we train is just as vital as what we train.

Enter training methodology.

Why is it such a big deal?

  • Effective Learning: A structured approach ensures that learners grasp, retain, and apply knowledge effectively.
  • Engagement: Different methodologies cater to diverse learning styles, keeping participants engaged and involved.
  • Measurable Outcomes: A solid method provides clear metrics, allowing for assessment and continuous improvement.

However, with an array of methods out there, from experiential learning to microlearning, choosing the right one can feel like navigating a maze.

No worries, though.

Below, you’ll find a curated selection of resources, insights, and deep dives into various training methodologies.

Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or someone stepping into the world of learning and development, this is your toolkit.

If ever you’re in a bind or need some guidance, let’s connect.

Together, we’ll craft training experiences that not only educate but also inspire.

Case Studies on Successful Training Programs:

  1. Harvard Business Review (HBR): A renowned platform that frequently publishes case studies on a myriad of topics, including trailblazing training and development initiatives.
  2. ATD (Association for Talent Development): A global community offering a rich collection of case studies showcasing effective training strategies employed by businesses across the globe.
  3. Training Industry: A comprehensive platform spotlighting a multitude of case studies on the effects and methodologies of training programs.

Active Learning Techniques:

  1. Books:
  2. Websites & Articles:
    • Faculty Focus: Delivers articles elucidating active learning techniques tailored for higher education environments.
    • Edutopia: An educational hub boasting numerous materials about active learning for both K-12 and tertiary educational institutions.

Gamification in Training:

  1. Books:
  2. Online Platforms & Tools:
    • Kahoot!: A vibrant platform that enables educators to design enjoyable learning games in a snap.
    • Duolingo: A testament to the power of gamification in facilitating language acquisition.
    • Badgeville: A platform aimed at melding game mechanics into non-gaming environments to heighten user engagement.
  3. Blogs & Websites:
    • Gamification.co: A hub for articles, insights, and evolving trends in the domain of gamification.

Experiential and Scenario-based Learning:

  1. Books:
  2. Online Platforms & Tools:
    • BranchTrack: Empowers trainers with the tools to rapidly create scenario-based training modules.
    • Mursion: Harnesses virtual reality to present immersive scenario-based training experiences, with a spotlight on honing soft skills.
  3. Websites & Blogs:
    • The Thiagi Group: Their portal hosts a vast array of tools and resources related to hands-on and experiential learning engagements.