Visitor tracking helps you learn about the users visiting your content in real-time.

The opportunity to “observe” traffic – both identifiable and anonymous – on your websites enables you to engage them, allowing you to present relevant material suited to their requirements and motivating the visitors to move to the next level in the sales cycle.

Companies devote a significant amount of time and resources to enhancing their digital footprint. Unfortunately, just 2.35 percent of total blog visits convert into sales.

Website visitor analytics provides valuable and detailed data that marketers can fine-tune their operations and generate high-quality prospects. It also aids in the improvement of customer experiences (UX) by revealing strengths and flaws on any particular web page.

What is website visitor tracking?

Numerous organizations employ web visitor tracking tools across different platforms, primarily for commercial concerns. When a business gathers data about their users, they may utilize it to understand their behavior and assess the efficacy of sales efforts.

The application that tracks website visits gives an overview regarding your users that’s not generally available in analytics systems like Google Analytics. Using the website visitor tracking software, organizations can get detailed information about their potential clients, which helps marketers create accurate client profiles.

As a result, you’ll have the tools you need to produce and acquire high-quality prospects.

Why is it important to track your website visits?

Website visitor tracking helps businesses understand how customers respond to content. The team can retain information about visitors based on implementing specific methods, and they could even get company names or phone numbers and then create leads that the sales team could follow up on.

Sales teams can use this strategy rather than using a cold-call technique. Site tracking identifies whether the company uses the right approach or the content effectively. Any company that wants to gather critical data and specifics about their website’s success must use visitor tracking.

Any company, large or small, may profit from knowing how their consumers behave on their webpage. Monitor how frequently your consumers interact with your business and how long each visit lasts until they leave to understand them better. Insights may be used to illustrate a sales funnel by showing how many and what sections were seen for how long by website traffic.

If you understand which visitors are remaining and which are leaving, you’ll have a clearer sense of how to construct your online presence. Create the content marketing strategy to suit the needs and requirements of your visitors, which helps to convert more leads into sales. Once you understand the companies that visit your site, the traffic that comes from the websites, and their use, it becomes easier for you to develop a better user experience.

Is website Visitor Tracking Tool GDPR Compliant?

The European Union’s data privacy rules prohibit web tracking without the user’s express permission. Businesses that receive Internet traffic from EU users must obey GDPR guidelines; otherwise, they may suffer hefty fines for their actions. Some website visitor tracking companies have developed ways to comply with GDPR. It includes privacy rules for the use and cookie policies that make it straightforward for users to identify the purposes for which information was collected. The USA is currently not covered by consumer monitoring legislation.

How does website visitor tracking software work?

All Internet connection computers have a DNS record, and most computers have a reverse DNS record. Web visitor tracking uses reverse DNS to identify companies that have accessed your site. Most tracking software uses DNS redirects for web scripting to gather information. Businesses can combine existing web analytics tools to provide tools to departments across the organization. If the user’s data were stored in CRM software, the marketer could gain additional information from tracking software. Many tracking solutions integrations are made with leading CRM platforms, and marketers may also get alerts about potential clients.

15 Best Visitor Tracking Tools to Boost your Marketing

Website visitors tracking provides information about how visitors interact with your site. The right website visitor tracking system is also an effective way of tracking your visitors and gaining insight into the visitor data.

You must make every encounter significant to have the most remarkable impression! Various strategies keep users interested, ranging from generating compelling content to enhancing your page user path. Website visitor tracking apps are an excellent method to make the most of every visit by allowing you to see what works, what doesn’t, and where improvements are needed.

Website visitor tracking solutions provide a slew of advantages. They’ve got you covered, from analyzing how users respond to your marketing efforts to following website prospects throughout their entire customer experience. There are various tools available to assist you in tracking your website visits, and we’ll go through a couple of them in this article.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a marketing automation and website insights tool provided by the search engine giant. For businesses of all kinds, it offers complete monitoring and management features. Google Analytics allows customers to track page views, evaluate user behavior, and produce personalized results based on their specific market needs.

Analytical information, market research, and visualization are just a few of the resources available on this system. Visitor identification, marketing analyses, behavior data, and transaction statistics are also available to businesses. Google Analytics is the most well-known application in the world due to its brand awareness and feature-rich freeware version. Google Analytics also offers a paid version which starts at $150,000 per year (Analytics 360).

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a web-based application that tracks specific pages on your blog, providing you with an analysis of where viewers visited and which portion of the content. Crazy Egg was started in 2006, and its mission was to assist businesses in tracking online behavior. Since the start, they’ve focused on this same application and have spent 15 years building a suite of advanced tools that help marketers analyze website usage.

The software includes a range of different Snapshots (also called heatmaps and click maps) to understand the visitors’ behavior driving other site metrics. Additional fundamental statistics information is also accessible, such as which sections have been seen the most regularly and where company viewers have arrived from, utilizing various graphic representations.

The tool allows organizations to study consumers’ experiences, identify diverse target markets throughout the internet, and detect issues like unclear navigation and form bugs. It enables marketers to track visitor activity spanning from email and media campaigns, organize information according to client preferences, and provide customized analytics. It also allows businesses to capture and evaluate the sales cycle by recording the complete user experience of an internet visit. Crazy Egg integrates with a variety of third-party systems.

Crazy Egg offers a 30-day trial period. The basic plan costs $24/month, while the enterprise plan costs $249/month.

Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics provides you with a complete view of your marketer’s effectiveness, including call monitoring, forms tracking, Customer relationship management interconnections, and more. Incorporating information into the sales division’s databases allows sales managers to optimize their operations for more than just registration submissions, develop a lead-to-revenue analytics architecture, and improve synchronization with the salespeople.

It enables multi-touch marketing attribution, ensuring that all prospects are correctly traced to the source they were first introduced to. It records leads through forms, phone calls, chatrooms, and other contact points where individuals participate, such as the homepage or site links—ruler Analytics analyses the data over numerous visits, traffic sources, and anonymous searches.

When viewers become leads, their data is forwarded to the Ruler databases, paired with existing promotional engagements to construct a customer’s experience. The advertising sources information and conversion information is provided to your CRM after Ruler has established the link. When a prospect converts, the Ruler receives the financial report. You can correctly measure Return on investment and other bottom-line KPIs with such connections.

Ruler Analytics offers neither a free version nor a free trial. The start-up plan costs $149/month, while the business plan costs $216/month. It also offers custom enterprise plans.


Act-On is a simple and automated multi-channel sales tool that strives to improve digital marketing strategies, enabling clear correlation with salespeople and transforming customer information into content to act on.

You can integrate and simplify numerous marketing methods to develop flexible engagement plans using the Act-on campaign management system. Ensure a consistent sales flow with the autonomous tactical marketing builder, which has the drag-and-drop capability to assist you in creating an interactive environment for your consumers.

Act-On is a web analytics solution that includes email campaigns, customer insights monitoring, lead scoring, social media marketing, performance monitoring, webinars, and resource management components.

Subscribers may search a comprehensive library of marketing publications, interact with other Act-On members in discussion boards, or seek support through the app’s interactive assistance service. They may also reach out to technical assistance via call or online chat or submit a support request through the website.

Act-on offers neither a free version nor a free trial. The professional plan costs $900/year, while the enterprise plan costs $2000/year.


Clicky is a web-based online statistics tool that allows organizations to measure, analyze, and reflect on website visits. Information exporting, notifications, graphs, descriptive analysis, marketing management, interaction statistics, and different users profiles are among the capabilities available.

Clicky aids in mining information and making strategic sales decisions derived from the findings. Its simple interface allows you to track visitors, time spent on each visit, click-through rate, nationality, and many more metrics.

Clicky simplifies metrics by providing real-time statistics, extensive analyses, and the ability to track specific users. Advertising agencies may also use tests to evaluate and assess the impact of various web pages on web traffic.

Clicky offers a free version along with a 21-day free trial of the paid version. The pro plan costs $9.99/month, while the pro platinum plan costs $19.99/month.


Woopra is a deeply featured Sales Process Insights system that provides sales and marketing teams to develop and grow significantly quicker by visualizing, analyzing, and experiencing every touchpoint in the consumer journey. Woopra allows organizations to analyze their clients’ activity via numerous devices and customer engagement, such as emails, chats, and technical support.

Woopra utilizes the information to create complete profiles for each customer, synchronizing information from various sources, monitoring behavior on the internet and mobile devices in real-time, and proactively refreshing profiles.

Woopra is the ideal answer for any company trying to improve the customer experience by using specific marketing and tailored messages made possible through seamless interconnections.

Woopra offers a free version along with a 30-day free trial of the paid version. The basic plan costs $79.95/month, while the enterprise plan costs $3999.50/month.


Finteza is a Digital Analytics program that is both real-time and feature-rich. This application is intended for firms, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce companies. Finteza is a web-based sales business intelligence platform for companies in various sectors.

Campaigns monitoring, multi-site maintenance, conversions monitoring, target monitoring, referrals origin monitoring, page visit monitoring, and more features are available. Finteza offers cutting-edge solutions which are not available in Google Analytics. The solution enables effective event monitoring, conversion management, and advertisement rollout.

Anyone can register for a free version, which allows them to evaluate traffic flows and administer marketing campaigns. Finteza addresses challenge that most marketing professionals, businesses, and website operators experience daily.

Finteza offers a free version along with a 30-day free trial of the paid version. The basic plan costs $25/month.



Matomo is one of the best website analytics tools not constrained by datasets. Make better decisions and improve your client experiences while protecting the privacy and sovereignty of your information. There are two types of hosting available: web-based and on-premise. Cloud makes installation easier. However, On-Premise is freeware, fully accessible, and self-hosted PHP/MySQL technology that you may deploy on your servers for maximum freedom.

Motomo’s tagging management lets marketers install third-party monitoring scripts on web pages and analyze success across multiple promotional activities and additional platforms. Motomo provides an easy way to track visitor behavior. The software automatically detects where a user is struggling within an app. This helps determine areas of high impact that affect your revenue and retention.

Matomo offers a free version and a free trial of the paid version. The prices are based on the monthly traffic.


Leadinfo is a high-quality lead-generating tool that allows you to identify B2B website traffic. LeadInfo’s consumer engagement monitoring tool offers exact solutions as other options such as anonymous website visitors monitoring, inbound marketing, and so on. Still, it also includes screen capture and short lead-generating templates.

The visits are shown on a simple dashboard, allowing you to engage your most important viewers right away. It Can track your visitor’s behavior and optimize your website. The Leadinfo Insight software includes conversion funnels, surveys, and webinars that help you understand how visitors interact and what they are looking for, and when. It also provides an efficient tool to improve the overall customer experience using Integrated Insights.

Leadinfo offers a 30-day free trial period. The pricing starts at $29/month.


Clearbit is a database enhancement tool that automatically syncs sales statistics with validated contact information to understand leads better. A variety of tools are included in the package. Clearbit’s objective is to become the marketing intelligence powerhouse for conversations by building the data infrastructure for business organizations.

They assist organizations in expanding by giving solutions that enable them to analyze their clients better, discover potential opportunities, and customize every marketing and promotional engagement.

Clearbit Enrichment enables marketers to upload information on their customers and then utilize the Clearbit databases to improve the data they already have, allowing them to convert prospects into sales.

Clearbit neither offers a free version nor a free trial period. The pricing varies from company to company.


Hotjar is a marketing automation and website tracking tool that helps marketers and businesses create an efficient marketing strategy. Hotjar’s behavior actionable insights feature, you can go beyond typical online metrics to see what visitors are truly actually viewing on your website. With Hotjar Polls, you can ask your website customers an endless series of questions and receive responses from hundreds of users.

Digital analytics assist you in identifying your webpage’s high-converting and high-exit sections. Hotjar allows a method of monitoring real-time user input, allowing you to hear directly from your customers why they act the way they do on your website.

Hotjar offers a free version and a free trial of the paid version. The basic plan starts at $39/month, while the business version costs $99/month.


HumCommerce is a marketing automation tool designed for WooCommerce platforms. HumCommerce helps track visitor activity on your websites to understand better how your consumers use it.

Marketers can monitor viewers as they use the web page using HumCommerce to see which portions of the blog are doing well and which sections of the page are causing them to leave. HumCommerce gives you access to a wide variety of data to help you improve your conversion rate.

It also excludes the requirements of using multiple tools at the same time. Instead of using an Analytics tool and a heatmap tool separately, you may rely on HumCommerce to do the same functions and collect the same information. It also offers a free version.

HumCommerce offers a free version and a free trial of the paid version. The basic plan costs $9/month, while the business plan costs $99/month.


Mixpanel uses the information to help organizations assess what counts, make quick selections, and develop a better marketing strategy. Organizations can evaluate how and why consumers interact, convert, and engage in real-time across multiple platforms with their robust, self-serve products analytics intelligence tool to optimize the customer journey.

Gather all of the relevant details and use them to generate action plans across your databases. Mixpanel is a comprehensive tracking tool for marketing and customer service. Using the tool, there are features for measuring and visualizing the success of a new product launch and for quick and easy visualizations of critical metrics.

The User Profile feature provides detailed insight into the users whose behavior may lead to problems with your product. Mixpanel has over 50 plugins and can directly integrate them into existing database systems.

Mixpanel employs funnels insights and customer segmentation to help marketers dig deeper into the effectiveness of each promotional strategy. The software records page views, activities, favorites, comments, and transactions while measuring user engagement with a webpage in real-time.

Mixpanel offers a free version and a free trial of the paid version. The basic pricing start at $25/month.


Leadfeeder is a business two business marketing automation application that displays which firms are exploring the company’s web pages. It connects to the subscriber’s Customer Relationship Management database and disseminates information on prospects.

This tool is perfect for all types of B2B Companies. When one of their targeted firms visits the web page, marketers are instantly alerted via emails, allowing for rapid follow-up. Prospects are immediately evaluated, and the most exciting is prioritized at the forefront, allowing staff to concentrate on other tasks.

Through Leadfeeder, you can monitor which organizations are coming to your website, which sections they are viewing, and where they are coming from, and handle new leads by forwarding those to your Database and the appropriate staff members.

Leadfeeder offers a free version along with a 14-day free trial of the paid version. The basic plan starts from $63/month.

Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is a marketing automation and website visitor tracking solution that identifies anonymous viewers and converts those into new sales. Even if viewers haven’t reached or inquired, this software can view their complete personal details.

It helps you to create leads and improve your business’s performance. Lead Forensics gives you all the information you need to develop real-time dialogues with your website traffic that are useful, timely, and engaging.

Lead Forensics tracks IP addresses of online users and matches the data with the Lead Forensics databases using a simple code. Lead Forensics offers a valuable tool that marketers can use to track more qualitative visitor traffic on a site. Lead Forensics allows companies to interact directly with their users and receive complete session recordings of the activities that they perform.

Lead Forensics offers a free trial of the paid version. The pricing varies from company to company.


These leading website visitor tracking tools are essential for identifying, collecting, and nurturing your top-quality traffic. B2B organizations must understand the value of these technologies and apply them to their operations. You would be able to discover who your potential buyers are, regardless of how large or small your company is. Customizing and tailoring your advertising for the target demographic will become more manageable using website visitor tracking software.

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