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Why Content Matters

Why Content Matters?

In this digital world of websites, social media, video blogs etc. the importance of good content cannot be undermined. Companies that do not give priority to content creation, will, and often do, fail in achieving their marketing goals.

Long gone are the days when companies could simply launch a product or service through a press release and some print and television advertisements. Today, organizations use multiple promotional strategies involving print, television and online platforms. They actively use social media marketing activities and utilize blogs, tweets and photos to build an online presence. Since they now rely more than ever on social media channels to share and release marketing messages, it has become imperative that their content is good enough to attract, convince and retain a customer’s attention.  If the content posted across social media is authentic and relevant, it can help the company create a good reputation and can generate more trust and loyalty among the customers

Some of the key benefits of having excellent content include:

  • Higher engagement rates
  • Higher response rates
  • Relevant and timely interactions
  • More word-of-mouth exposure
  • One-on-one connection with customers
  • Greater conversion rates
  • More effective and clear communication
  • Competitive edge
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Greater brand awareness and retention
  • Greater market penetration
  • Improved marketing message

The value of content will continue to increase. According to the 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America report, 88 percent of business to business (B2B) marketers are using content marketing. It is estimated that 76 percent of marketers will produce more content in 2016. B2B marketers are also more interested in creating more effective content and want to know more about visual content, repurposing and how they can tell better stories.

Good content is useful in numerous marketing activities including social media posts, blogs, eNewsletters, website articles, videos, white papers, infographics, webinars and webcasts, presentations, reports, eBooks, magazines, books, mobile apps, podcasts, games and so on. Thus, creating exciting, relevant and up-to-date content is the key to successful marketing and social media campaigns.

 Here are a few specific reasons how good content can help marketers perform better:

  1. Good Content Attracts Customers: By creating relevant and informative content, you can attract more customers and can also come across as an expert in your respective field. Insightful and helpful content actually reflects on how good you are. If you can successfully achieve this, your customers will definitely turn to you and remain loyal.
  2. Good Content Helps Gain Trust: Once again, if you know what you’re talking about, customers will trust you. Since customers today have open access to information from numerous sources, it is imperative that you give them first-hand information that is both accurate and relevant. This way you gain their trust and improve your reputation
  3. Good Content Won’t Get You Blocked: When the rage of online marketing initially began, marketers spent a great deal of money on paid advertisements. However, those did not bode well with consumers. Statistics show that in 2015, nearly 200 million people installed an ad-blocking software. This does not mean you can’t reach customers anymore but it does mean that one effective way of doing it is by using good content as consumers are more open and welcoming to informative and intelligent content.
  4. Good Content Provides Growth: No doubt getting good content is a challenging task. There are so many similar websites, so many similar products and services that making your message stand out from the rest is not easy. However, if you can successful achieve this, there is no doubt that you will be able to get more attention and more exposure and your online product or service will experience growth. Content marketing experts estimate that leaders in the world of content marketing experience 7.8 times more site traffic than non-leaders. The better your content, the more traffic you will generate.
  5. Good Content Paves the Way for Owned Channels:  More and more companies now rely on owned social media channels to share and release marketing messages. Owned social media channels are company-owned communication groups which they have more control over. In this way, companies can directly interact with their audience and communicate information about new products and services, changes, promotions and discounts, upgrades etc. The public thus gains access to first-hand information about their desired product or brand. In addition, having your own channels can help marketers reach more customers and enables them to push their marketing message more effectively.

Overall, it is evident that the better your content, the better will be your results. Investment in this particular aspect of marketing can result in long-term benefits.

Wesley Cherisien
Wesley Cherisien

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