The importance of SEO for your business website’s performance cannot be overemphasized. Reports show that 71% of all small businesses have a website, and about 70% of user traffic is directed through Google. Also, nearly half of all Google searches are for local businesses. All of these numbers indicate one thing, the importance of SEO and good WordPress SEO services for your site.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), simply put, is the process of improving your website’s ranking search engines like Google, and thus getting more traffic on your online store or website.

Essentially, there are four types of SEO, and we’ll briefly go over all four to ensure you grasp the entire concept.

On-Page SEO

Essentially, on-page SEO involves boosting your web pages by optimizing the content. These are the fundamentals to help you earn more organic traffic on your WordPress site. The essentials here typically involve using the right keywords generated from keyword research to reach your target audience, good title tags, well-written meta descriptions, and of course, a good headline.

Other factors contributing to good on-page SEO include good user engagement and adding images to your WordPress website to help the page load times and improve dwell time.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO generally refers to all the techniques that take place outside your WordPress site to help make it more SEO-friendly. These practices help improve your website’s reliability and reputation by improving its relationship with other trusted websites.

The most common practice here is backlinking, which is simply a hyperlink on another site pointing to your page. Search engines often use backlinks to determine a site’s ranking.

SEO strategies like link building and guest posting also greatly help your off-page SEO. However, it is always advisable to engage the services of WordPress experts here.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on ensuring that your WordPress website is compatible with the requirements of search engines to result in higher search engine rankings. Most of the elements of technical SEO take place on the website’s backend and make it easier for a search engine to find your WordPress website.

Improving your technical SEO will involve checking out and solving any problems that affect your site speed, site architecture, crawlability, indexing, and more. To check out all of these elements on your WordPress site, you’ll need an SEO audit tool.

Local SEO

Local SEO involves making your WordPress website more SEO-friendly to boost organic traffic from specific local searches. Local SEO is most helpful to local businesses hoping to be found by customers from that particular area.

Once you create and put in the necessary details for your Google My Business account here, specific SEO plugins could help your WordPress site gain more traffic from local searches, leading to more customers.

Does WordPress Provide SEO?

WordPress is a Content Management System that helps you host and build websites. It is by far one of the most popular content management systems, mainly because of how easy to use it is. With the ability to combine different plugins and templates, it provides a highly customizable environment you can tweak to suit any purpose.

You can be confident that a portion of your technical SEO is already taken care of with a WordPress site because WordPress websites are structured to allow search engines to crawl your site. However, that is not nearly enough.

Once you begin to customize WordPress websites, there is a strong tendency that they start to lose some of the inbuilt designs that make them SEO-friendly. You can follow some tips to minimize this, but there are also a ton of WordPress SEO plugins (like Yoast SEO, SEMrush, All In One SEO, and more) you can install to help you achieve specific goals.

WordPress offers a great platform for SEO, but nothing beats hiring WordPress SEO experts to ensure you always have a WordPress SEO-optimized website.

What is a WordPress SEO Service Provider?

A WordPress SEO service provider is an SEO company or a team of WordPress SEO experts that provide a variety of SEO services to boost the search engine rankings of a WordPress website. With an SEO company onboard to provide professional WordPress SEO services that cater to all aspects of your SEO with multiple WordPress websites, including an e-commerce website, you can focus on other more important aspects of your business.

SEO at any level can be very tricky and technical, and that is still the case even for WordPress SEO. The truth is having a WordPress SEO company on hand to work on your WordPress sites and provide other SEO services, especially when your business manages different sites, can result in optimal success.

With WordPress SEO consultants to provide advanced WordPress SEO services, all aspects of your SEO are covered. Sometimes, they even take on the roles of web developers to boost organic traffic.

So, as you plan for the success and sustainability of your business this year and beyond, you should also plan to engage the SEO services of a WordPress SEO company. However, deciding which WordPress search engine optimization provider to go with can be very tasking. That is why we have put together a very comprehensive overview of the best WordPress SEO companies available.

The Best WordPress SEO Service Providers for Your Business

As we have already established, the survival of many businesses from now on will depend heavily on their online presence, and to boost the online presence and subsequent conversion rate for your business, a good SEO strategy is vital.

The truth is, the pandemic has revolutionized the way customers shop, and e-commerce sites are now more popular than ever. To keep your business in the conversation subsequently, you must have a proper SEO strategy and only the best SEO services to help you out. Make sure any services you hire are focused on your niche. Many agencies offer specific services depending on your focus, for example, if you have a law firm you might want to look into digital marketing agencies for lawyers.

For your WordPress website, hiring WordPress SEO specialists is the best option.

With this list, we provide a comprehensive overview of the best service providers that can help boost your search engine results and optimize your WordPress site. Of course, to determine what provider you eventually go with, you will need to consider some factors like what they provide in line with your digital marketing strategy, but more on that later.

For now, here are the companies you need to be looking at to provide the best WordPress SEO services for your business in no particular order.


WPTangerine relies on white-hat SEO strategies to help boost your website’s ranking and drive sales focusing on only results. Their WordPress SEO services include creating optimized content with proper keyword research and strategies for your site with a team of professional writers to cover all aspects of on-page SEO.

However, that’s not all. Their SEO services extend to cover local WordPress SEO services to help you reach customers even on Google Maps and e-commerce SEO services that boost traffic with WooCommerce or other integrations. They also provide SEO audits to ensure proper internal and external linking and consistent SEO optimization for your WordPress site.

About WPTangerine

WPTangerine is a full-time team of SEO professionals and WordPress developers dedicated to helping you take care of all your WordPress and WooCommerce needs. Built to be a solution for business owners and professionals, WPTangerine is cost-effective and always available when you need them.

What Makes WPTangerine Stand Out?

First of all, when you decide to get their WordPress SEO services, as a bonus, you also get unlimited WordPress tasks performed on your website for free! These tasks include emergency support, website design, site changes, and so much more.

Also, this SEO agency has used a proven formula to drive up website traffic for over 3000 WordPress sites, implementing a range of SEO practices that follow the recommendations of leading search engines.


WPTangerine offers three packages; the starter package for local businesses and small national businesses, the enterprise package for big national businesses with multiple products, and the white-label agency SEO package where experts do all the work for you.

The main differences with each package are mostly centered around the number of core keyword campaigns and content volume.

InterActive Circle

InterActive Circle is ultimately focused on providing your business with WordPress SEO services that drive results and positively affect your balance sheet. With an e-commerce website, this service provider focuses on understanding your business with your target audience. Once that is achieved, they then take advantage of the built-in technical capabilities of WordPress, as only a professional can, to give you the best.

Some of the comprehensive WordPress SEO services provided by InterActive Circle include tracking and implementing statistics from Google Analytics, keyword research, targeted keywords, creating high-quality content, optimizing old content, and improving your website’s load time.

About InterActive Circle

InterActive Circle is a digital marketing agency in Minneapolis and has been in business for over ten years. A favorable outcome is often the result of an incredible passion for their work and a true dedication to making your business work.

With tested and tried SEO and SEM strategies, they help your business get found by the people you want to find it. However, they also offer other services like website design and paid search management to help boost your search results.

What Makes InterActive Circle Stand Out?

InterActive Circle allows you to request a free WordPress SEO audit for your site even before becoming a customer. This essentially means that they can provide you with a complimentary website analysis. 


Once you visit their website, you can request a quote.

WordPress SEO Experts

WordPress SEO Experts is a team of WordPress SEO experts specializing in driving traffic to your website with incredible packages that cater to all your needs.

The constant WordPress SEO services include Google search console optimization, keyword analysis, and research, citation building, and others with all the different packages.

About WordPress SEO Experts

With a combined experience of over 30 years working on WordPress websites, the expertise of this company is one you really cannot doubt. Located in Florida, they are specifically built to provide for the needs of small and medium businesses.

What Makes WordPress SEO Experts Stand Out?

First of all, their affordable packages. Compared to other specialists, they offer some of the best WordPress SEO pricing out there. Also, the evidence of their impact and data to show just how much they have increased the traffic on websites they have worked on is incredible.


With three different packages for small, medium, and large businesses, the offers are pretty much still affordable considering what your business stands to gain.  The main difference with each package will be the number of backlinks provided, citations, pages optimized monthly, etc.

Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon is another impressive WordPress SEO agency that takes your site beyond what plugins provide. With a commitment to delivering results from a tested and tried holistic approach, these WordPress experts aim to transform your site into a salesperson that is constantly working for you.

The WordPress SEO services offered by Pearl Lemon include customized campaigns to work for your niche, boosting your social media presence o contribute to a healthier digital marketing strategy, increasing your website’s security to prevent downtime, and optimizing your pages for UX.

About Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon is an award-winning SEO company with a presence in 10 countries and all team members sharing a strong passion for SEO. Staying connected by cloud technology, this company is driven to produce results for all clients. Pearl Lemon focuses on remaining transparent, tech-savvy, and getting the best SEO talents from around the world.

What Makes Pearl Lemon Stand Out?

Their case studies and reviews indicate one thing; clients who have decided to work with Pearl Lemon have had an incredible time and continued to experience steady growth. Besides, their contributions to the SEO community with great insights prove that they are indeed experts in the field.

Also, Pearl Lemon offers you the opportunity to get a free SEO audit before even paying a dime.


The prices they offer vary depending on what service you need. The services they generally offer include content creation, audits, PR, cold calling, lead generation, PPC, consulting, and more. For multi-service, you can always book a call to discuss.

Joe Balestrino

Joe looks after your overall website’s performance when it comes to SEO. Whether you’re WordPress users just starting or you simply need someone to manage your WordPress SEO, Joe does exactly that and provides you with service beyond plugins.

The WordPress SEO services you get with Joe Balestrino include meta description optimization, title and alt tags optimization, XML sitemap set up, and URL structuring.

About Joe Balestrino

Joe Balestrino is a freelance SEO expert and consultant who offers a broad range of SEO related services and not just WordPress SEO. With over 17 years of experience, he now works with a team of designers and content creators to help take your website’s SEO to the next level. Quite impressively, he has helped improve the search results of some well-known websites such as

What Makes Joe Balestrino Stand Out?

First of all, his experience has made him an authority in the field. He has been featured on top networks and has worked with some very well-known clients. Also, his process to get started is quite unique. You get a free consultation after he has carried a high-level WordPress SEO audit on your site, and it is overall very impressive.


The prices for the services generally vary and will depend on your needs.

OuterBox Design

OuterBox Design prides itself on being one of the best SEO agencies worldwide, and who better to have handle your WordPress SEO than a Google partner?

Their WordPress SEO services include speed optimization, content development strategy, XML sitemap management, and detailed SEO reporting.

About OuterBox Design

OuterBox has over 17 years of experience with SEO, consists of a team of over 85 marketing experts, and has managed over $45 million paid search spend. Having worked with so many high-profile clients, their work truly speaks for itself. No doubt, OuterBox can revolutionize your business.

What Makes OuterBox Design Stand Out?

Primarily, it is a team of experts you can 100% trust. Their SEO efforts can bring out the best in any business, they have worked with clients across different industries and delivered stunning results, but most of all, the quality is simply one of a kind. 


OuterBox Design offers a basic, advanced, and enterprise SEO package. You can always request a quote for the features that suit you on their pricing page. 

How Do You Select The Best WordPress SEO Service for Your Business?

  • Set Your Goals: This is very important because you need to clarify your requirements to get the utmost satisfaction. Furthermore, setting your goals can help you easily distinguish which SEO service will meet your needs and which will not.
  • Pricing: This probably does not need to be said, but to reiterate, the services you opt to go with should be within your budget. However, it is also important that you do not sacrifice quality to get a price you think is favorable. 
  • Good Reviews: The importance of this cannot be overstated. Any service you decide to go with must show that they have a history and have consistently delivered for their clients.
  • Good SEO Approach: Understand the SEO approach of the WordPress SEO experts you want to work with and make sure that it is a good approach. If they cannot provide you with an SEO strategy to move your business forward, you probably shouldn’t go with them.
  • Transparency: Any agency you work with must be transparent with their process and present you with frequent reports. 
  • Results: This is the most important factor. If you cannot see results after a while, you should move to another service provider. Feel free to suggest trial periods until you find the perfect match.

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